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Are you planning to visit Russia? Do you have plan to work in Russia (to have business with Russia, to study in Russia)? Would you like to find something in Russian Internet? Do you have a lot of questions about Russia? Do you want to minimize your risk?

- We can talk about your questions and possible solutions.

- I can help you find the information you need.

- I can help to use Russian sites.

- I can help you to check Russian companies.

- I can call a Russian company or write a letter in Russian.

Let me help you.

Prices (*)

Assistance for one week

6'000 Rubles

700 Chinese Yuans

80 Euros 

100 US Dollars

Assistance for one month

10'000 Rubles

1'200 Chinese Yuans

130 Euros 

170 US Dollars

Off-line assistance

Ask for the price

  (*) Bank fees are paid by the customer.


Also you can visit my web-site in Russian (Налоговый консультант в Москве)