Many Thanks for visiting our website. We are the team of professionals and we can offer the following benefits for our students:

1. We guarantee that you will learn the Russian language in a Russian social environment and not in an artificial environment designed only for foreign students. You would like to have great results? You must be alone in Russia (1. Without foreign students around you. 2. Practicing Russian language throughout the day).

2.  The best price in Moscow for one student per class with full teacher support. You will have support not only in a classroom as in classical language school, but you also will have support in the city (for example during your lunch time). You will have language practice in real life with your teacher!

3. Informal activities with language practice (shopping, cinema, theatres, museums, parks, walking tours in Moscow etc.).

You can download photos from informal activities:

Volume 1 - (Moscow photos).

4. Flexibility. You can buy VIP program with the most exclusive options or you can have the best price for one-to-one lessons (only from 100 EUR per week). You won't have many problems in any case for example you can begin your lessons when you want, because you are the only one student! You will have assistance with everything from where to eat to how to use public transit etc.

5. Flexible price and financial transparency. You can choose any place for living, you can have any meal. You will have advices and you can choose whatever you want but you will know all Moscow secrets. And you pay us only for lessons (you pay directly for hotels, meal etc).

6. We work with all necessary licenses. Would like to check us? No problem.

Foto 1
Off-line and on-line teacher
, Personal assistant

Foro 2

On-line teacher
, Personal assistant, Support for Chinese students

Administrative work
Prices for one-to-one lessons and informal activities

Personal assistant (before and during your trip)
(How to buy the best tickets? What is the safest area? Where is to eat?
How to arrange your trip from Moscow to Spb? How to buy the best Sim-card? How to get to hotel from airport? Where to go?
(and 100 more questions))

Free for customers

As independent product - only 6'000 RUB (about 90)  for 2 month

3 lessons x 40 min + 1 hour 20 min of active lessons

(15 lessons of Russian language per week + 10 active lessons (informal activities) per week)

440   per week

4 lessons x 40 min + 1 hour 20 min of active lessons

(20 lessons of Russian language per week + 10 active lessons (informal activities) per week)

  480 per week

4 lessons x 40 min +4 hours 20 min of active lessons

(20 lessons of Russian language per week + 32,5 active lessons (informal activities) per week)

625  per week (VIP)

7 hours of active lessons (informal activities)

110 per day

Skype one-to-one lessons
We offer the best price in the market. Can you find an official business with better price? We are ready to give you a discount!

5'000 RUB for 5 lessons x 80 min

Economy packages
(discounts for location, а four-day week,
method of payments, on-line lessons

from 100 per week


You can choose the location of your school !!! (Near Kremlin? No problem!)

Regular classroom for basic price in a business centre :


 Classroom in Moscow-city:


As independent product we offer an apartment for rent in a prestigious area of Moscow

(Kurkino, close to Sheremetyevo international airport) 3500 rubles per day.

We offer discounts for students and long-term customers (up to 30%).




Russian language courses in Moscow - learn Russian in a safe, modern and comfortable environment.