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I am not an ordinary teacher. My work is my hobby. I don't like classic lessons. I don't like classrooms. I love life and I would like to speak with you as much as possible. Would you like to speak Russian five hours a day? Would you like to see Russian life? Are you ready to have speaking practice in museums, parks, restaurants, boats, spaceships, under the water etc? Yes? You are my customer!

I offer only active lessons with language practice! You will have language practice in real life with your teacher for many hours a day!

Let's talk about your future trip.

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Any questions? Don't hesitate to talk. It's free. My price policy is very simple.


Meeting and assistance during your first day in Moscow (I will meet you in the airport and show you how to use public transport, where is the bank to exchange money, I will help you to buy a sim-card etc. I will do everything to make you feel confident in Moscow).

7'000 rubles

One day with your teacher

5 hours of language practice during informal lessons

Every day one museum is included in the price!

7'000 rubles

A friend for a month

(WhatsApp chat for a month). Excellent practice of the Russian language + consultations about life in Russia

7'000 rubles

800 CNY


How to book a course?

1. Talk to me about your future trip

2. Make a reservation. I will send you an invoice for one day course.

3. Welcome to Moscow. I will happy to see you on the first informal lesson.

4. If you like everything during the second lesson you pay for your course.



Me amd my support team

Me and my support team (summer 2021)


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